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Useful tips about SEO for images

seo for images

Images are often ignored when it comes to SEO, despite the fact that every major search engine has it’s own search domain for images. Paying a little more attention to naming scheme and additional tags inside the image tag can make a big difference in SEO for images, and therefore search referred traffic.

Handling images when writing articles for your site should be as carefully considered as the content itself. After all, and image is a users first point of view, and the same can be said about search engines.

Tips relating to SEO for images in web pages Name your image meaningful

This ...

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Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

sync outlook with google calendar

In corporate America, Microsoft Office is still embedded deeply and with it is Outlook as the primary communication tool. For many of us, this means to either use Outlook wherever we can, at work, home or mobile.  Or we can try to work around the boundaries of Outlook messaging, like sync Outlook with Google Calendar for example.

One of the major hurdles for people to move away from Windows is the lack of a true Outlook alternative. The common scenario is you’re using Exchange at work, connecting via Outlook and using features such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more. While ...

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Eclipse Ganymede and PDT 2.0 for PHP Development

eclipse ganymede

With the release of Eclipse Ganymede, the IDE has become even better. I remember using Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.0.1 for about two weeks, after giving up and moving over to Netbeans 6.5. Too many issues with the debugging part, constant exceptions and a sizable slow down when working on web pages just got me too frustrated.

Now Ganymede is out for a while, but I just haven’t given it a ...

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Dual Boot Ubuntu and Vista

dual boot ubuntu vista

How do we dual boot Ubuntu and Vista, or Windows 7, where you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed first.

So you got a computer running Vista and like to dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu. The boot loader that ships with Vista can be a real pain. There are some nice utilities we can use to make that process a lot smoother for us. Here we go.

Create a partition

First you’ll ...

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How to find memory usage by process?

memory usage from command line

As Linux system administrators, you take pride in being able to setup and maintain systems from the command line. But learning is never ending, and new tasks require a bit of research to find the correct tool for the job. Knowing more command line tools as you grow more experienced is a character that becomes evident in any seasoned veteran admin. One of those commands is to find memory usage ...

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32-bit versus 64-bit, which one should I choose?


A common question that pops up from time to time is whether someone who has a 64-bit CPU (such as an AMD64 or an Intel EM64T) should install a 64-bit or 32-bit version of the preferred OS. Since these processors are capable of running either one at full native speeds, what are the advantages and disadvantages to both? 64-bit just sounds cool and faster, but we all heard about headaches ...

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Install Ubuntu 9.04 / 8.10 without CD or USB

install ubuntu without cd

I rarely do upgrades and try to avoid them whenever possible, instead do always fresh installs as I like to do  house-cleaning when upgrading to a new version of OS. As I have a separate /home partition, this doesn’t affect any of my settings and only takes 1-2 hours (less than one hour on a high speed Internet connection),  which is comparable to the upgrade option from within 7.xx.

What is ...

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Mount Remote Folder with SSH using SSHFS

mount remote folder with sshfs

If you do any type of serious web or application development, you’re certainly used to working with remote servers and networked systems. You work locally, create test cases and do some kind of qa before deploying to the live system. But what if your qa / test system is also remotely? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just work as if your files were local and have changes sync ...

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Install Subversion on 1and1 Hosting Provider

1and1 cheap website hosting

There is just no better solution than having your source code available to you over the internet, hosted on a safe and stable provider when working on several projects at different locations. I am currently using 1and1 as my hosting provider, and I have my repository for all my source code there as well. I can work anywhere and have access to the latest code, check out change history, compare ...

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