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Mount SSH Folder on a Mac with OSXFuse & SSHFS

mount ssh osxfuse sshfs mac

You may already know how to access shared files on a PC over your home network from a Mac. What about accessing a share on your file server on the internet via SSH? Here we’re going to mount an SSH folder on a Mac with OSXFuse and SSHFS.

Google engineers released a software package that enables Mac OS X to mount remote file systems using a variety of methods, including SSH. This software, called OSXFuse lets you drag and drop files to an SSH-connected folder right in ...

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Mount Remote Folder with SSH using SSHFS

mount remote folder with sshfs

If you do any type of serious web or application development, you’re certainly used to working with remote servers and networked systems. You work locally, create test cases and do some kind of qa before deploying to the live system. But what if your qa / test system is also remotely? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just work as if your files were local and have changes sync automatically?

Mount remote folder with ssh using sshfs makes it possible. ...

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