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What’s new in Google’s Caffeine Search update

what's new in google caffeine

Google’s search algorithm update, codenamed “Google Caffeine” in set to launch in the coming days, so we wonder what’s new in Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is said to stir up the Webmaster / SEO world with a slew of algorithm updates. Most predominantly, it will be much quicker than the current Google search and rely more on keyword strings in the page content, and it will make real-time search much more important.

The new focus on real-time search results means that ...

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How to Improve Website Traffic

improve website traffic

There are several ways to generate and improve website traffic for your site. Some of them are rather simple and easy to do, others take a bit more effort and there are a few thing you really want to avoid.

But as a general rule of thumb, create content that you would like to ready and engage with yourself, and you’re far ahead. Then go thru the list of steps to improve website traffic below and you should see some improvement.

1. ...

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Useful tips about SEO for images

seo for images

Images are often ignored when it comes to SEO, despite the fact that every major search engine has it’s own search domain for images. Paying a little more attention to naming scheme and additional tags inside the image tag can make a big difference in SEO for images, and therefore search referred traffic.

Handling images when writing articles for your site should be as carefully considered as the content itself. After all, and image is a users first point of view, ...

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