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Install Subversion on 1and1 Hosting Provider

Written by Peter Gilg on - like this:
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There is just no better solution than having your source code available to you over the internet, hosted on a safe and stable provider when working on several projects at different locations. I am currently using 1and1 as my hosting provider, and I have my repository for all my source code there as well. I can work anywhere and have access to the latest code, check out change history, compare different versions and so on.

Sure, there are source code service providers out there, but I like to customize my setup and it’s free of charge since it’s with my instance of web servers anyways.

Setting up SVN on 1and1 is not that easy, but doable for everyone determined. Here is the outline that I have gone thru in the quest of setting up Subversion hosted online.

Steps to install Subversion on 1and1

Create a new directory to place subversion code into

mkdir svn
cd svn

Download the source code and all necessary dependencies


Configure and install subversion with the following settings

./configure --prefix=$HOME --without-berkeley-db --with-editor=/usr/bin/vim --with-apr=$HOME --with-apr-util=$HOME --with-neon=$HOME --without-apxs --without-apache --without-neon
make install

Verify that Subversion is properly installed

svn --version

Version Control with Subversion

Version Control with SubversionIf you don’t have much experience with version control or Subversion itself, the O’Reilly book is a great resource and get you started quickly. This book received excellent reviews from Amazon readers and is highly recommended.

I also like Trac, a utility with a timeline of changes and commit comments. If you also like to add Trac, which I highly recommend, you need to download and extract Python 2.5, or simply add it using the package manager of your choice. Then proceed to install Trac.


Install and configure Trac

./configure –prefix=SOME DIRECTORY

After installation, just update your PATH directive in bashprofile, then logout and login again.

Important: Subversion will only be available via SSH and only to a single user. 1&1 does not allow multiple SSH users on one account and they do not have the SSH module installed in Apache. If you are looking for a multiuser Subversion, try a different provider.

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3 responses to “Install Subversion on 1and1 Hosting Provider”

  1. uno says:

    Good information, Thank you.
    I’m also using 1and1’s shared hosting plan.

    Are you using trac 0.11.x on 1and1? If you can install it,
    Could you post how to install it on 1and1?

    Thank you

  2. Steve says:

    Great! thank you! this instruction was perfect… now all i have to do is figure out how to even set it up with my eclipse. (yep… first time user).

    btw, I had trouble at first because the “–“(double dash) was showing up as “-” (single dash). on VERY VERY close inspection, it is very slightly longer than the single dash.

  3. Subversion Download says:

    Subversion is a great way to manage or change your files network wide. A subversion download is an easy way to get subversion and this is what you have instructed us on doing.

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