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Web Consulting, Coding & Coaching Services

You want to improve workflow and efficiency

software development coachingYou already have a product and/or development team, but want to have a fresh view and neutral opinion. After a while of running your team, certain standards and customizations have settled in and it’s time to bring in some fresh minds. Web consulting at it’s core, I’ll be embedded in your team and work with each member to observe their workflow and habits. It usually is much more beneficial to bring about changes from an outside person.


Benefits of coaching service

  • get an extensive, neutral opinion of your team strength and weakness, as a whole and individuals
  • decide if and what optimization you want to implement, either with my help or by your team internally
  • receive clearly defined metrics so you can measure improvement or deterioration of your team

You want to realize an idea, from concept to implementation

software development consultingYou have a great business idea, couple of prototypes of web pages and mobile apps, but need help to take your business to the next level. What to do first? Hire a team, build upon product features or try to gather some market feedback? That’s where a web consultant can have his biggest impact. Let my experience support your ideas, your vision.


Benefits of web consulting service

  • get assistance in finding good talent and built a strong team for product and software development
  • get help and guidance on defining, strategizing and executing a roadmap towards a minimal viable product
  • establish essential agile processes to enhance visibility, communication and ultimately productivity while minimizing risk
  • learn how to incorporate and automate feedback into the development cycle
  • when and how to balance new features vs stability
  • have a web consultant on your side, get answers and second opinions

You just need to meet that deadline

software development consultingLet me help you meet deadlines by taking on part or all of your development. If needed, I have access to a pool of talented and experienced software engineers. You’re in good hands, whether you have a pre-defined, documented architecture of your application or need assistance in creating requirements documents based on your target business.

Benefits of coding service

  • communicate your idea and get an architectural proposal and requirements document with cost and time estimates
  • a team of geeks takes a requirements document and delivers code in agile fashion, eg. ships part of functionality in short iterations for your review.
  • receive a plan of deployment and upon your approval, have it executed in painstaking detail to get your product live.


Over the past two decades, I’ve held positions as software architect, lead developer, director and vice president of engineering in successful startups, high traffic internet media companies and fortune 500 corporations. This experience gives me a solid foundation for my services, which fit into 3 main services tailored to your needs.