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Install Ubuntu 9.04 / 8.10 without CD or USB

Written by Peter Gilg on - like this:
install ubuntu without cd

I rarely do upgrades and try to avoid them whenever possible, instead do always fresh installs as I like to do  house-cleaning when upgrading to a new version of OS. As I have a separate /home partition, this doesn’t affect any of my settings and only takes 1-2 hours (less than one hour on a high speed Internet connection),  which is comparable to the upgrade option from within 7.xx.

What is UNetbootin? UNetbootin creates a boot option in GRUB or the Windows bootloader that will download the installation files directly over the Internet and starts the installation. I find this very attractive since I don’t have to download or burn any CD’s. It works from within Windows and Linux and a variety of distro’s can be installed this way besides Ubuntu. The process is more than ideal with the new generation of netbooks, like the Dell mini, Asus EEE just to name a few, which don’t have optical drives.

Install Ubuntu without CD

1. Let’s first install the dependencies required by UNetbootin:

aptitude install ms-sys syslinux p7zip-full libqt4-gui

2. Download UNetbootin from here.

3. Make the downloaded file executable and run the install (you may need administrative rights):

chmod +x unetbootin-linux-319

4. You should now have a window like below. Select your distro and whether to use a disk or USB stick. Very convenient that you can simply choose an ISO, in case you want to download the distro first and then get it on the USB stick. Make sure to select “Disk Image” if that is what you want.

unetbootin main dialog window

5. After hitting ok, the installation files will be downloaded over the internet.

unetbootin1 download progress window

6. Finally you are asked to reboot and start the Ubuntu installation process.

unetbootin confirmation dialog

7. During the reboot, you will now have an option “unetbootin” to boot into. After that, simply follow the standard installation process.

Unetbootin is really a life saver. Gone are the ages where we needed to burn CD’s for OS installations. And the speed at which the installer races thru the setup is just amazing. Mine literally took like 10 minutes!

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