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Portfolio – Web, Mobile & Software – video portal is one of the largest online video portals with more than one million visitors per day. Is is a multitiered, service oriented platform using both .Net and open source technologies for it’s uploading, encoding and hosting services. is part of the Break Media Network that reaches over 100 mio users per month.

Mademan – website for men

Mademan is a worpress based website targeting men of 18 – 35 years of age. This site is a good example of a wordpress based website that can handle high traffic, as Mademan gets hundred thousands of page visits daily.

Only proper theme and plugin design created from experienced developers can guarantee this kind of traffic load.

Chartscan – stock scan website consists of two parts, a stock research section and a portfolio management for active traders. The site aims at the technician who searches chart pattern among stocks with good fundamentals. It lets a trader select a basket and track them daily.

Chartscan is written in PHP and Javascript, on top of Zend Framework 1.2, with a MySQL database housing financial and user data.

Breakstudios – freelance writer portal

Written in PHP and on top of Zend Framework 1.2, Breakstudios is a complex portal for freelance writers. It incorporates a subscription and payment model, with various user roles for different tasks.

A MySQL database with encrypted user data made the most sense at the time of design. – html5 media player

The movie player is an isolated streaming backend built with Backbone.js, Html5 and a MongoDB database, with movie content hosted and served from a CDN.

We were among the very first to implement Adobe Edge while it was still in beta. One of the main challenges were to get phone calls to be accurately in sync with the movie playback, as users are watching online and simultaneous listening on their mobile device. – dentist website is the web site for Los Angeles dentist Victor De Los Santos. Built with WordPress, he explains the different procedures, like dental implants, veneers, crowns etc. The site features an appointment request form, so that clients can schedule appointments online.

A small, residual amount of Flash animated graphics was left to give the site some nice animations.

smile1 dentist victor de los santos – website is a portal for interactive short films and series produced by Emmy winning Fourth Wall Studios.  The website presents a list of movies available for viewing and information about upcoming titles.

The website also lets users create accounts in order to enhance the level augmented reality during viewing. We built with WordPress, with our custom theme and countless plugins. The site integrates seamless with a stand alone, hosted html5 player. – mobile app

The android and iOS apps list videos with various criteria and play them inside the app. In the backend, the utilize a special API special for the mobile users. Both versions support phone and tablet sizes.

As with a site that gets millions of page views, the mobile app itself gets downloaded in install by thousand of users.

Rides Sync – mobile companion app

The Rides Sync mobile app employs the full version of the rides platform, and enables the users to enjoy the highest degree of interactivity. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android and are available on their respective app stores.

In full mode, the possibilities are endless and I encourage you to check out one of the movies to understand the potential.

These are just a few examples of completed work that is live and accessible to the public. Please feel free to ask about your specific industry and sector.