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How To Clean Up Ubuntu Grub2 Boot Loader Menu

grub2 boot loader

How to clean up and edit the Ubuntu Grub2 boot loader menu differs quite a bit from previous versions. As Ubuntu nominated the new version 2 of the Grub boot manager as of 9.10, so they did away wit the old and problematic menu.lst file.

Grub2 boot loader is a leap forward in many ways, and most of the annoyances from menu.lst are gone. Yet, if you don’t clean up old versions of kernel entries, the boot list can quickly get ...

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How to recover a lost Linux root password

recover linux root password

Forgot your root password? Nice going. What now? Reinstall the machine from ground up? Sadly enough, I’ve seen this happening all too often while it’s surprisingly easy to change the password knowing the correct procedure. While this doesn’t work in all cases (like if you secured your machine with a GRUB password and forgot that as well), but here’s the procedure in case of a CentOS Linux machine.

Recover Linux root password in Cent OS

Start off by rebooting your system. At ...

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Dual Boot Ubuntu and Vista

dual boot ubuntu vista

How do we dual boot Ubuntu and Vista, or Windows 7, where you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed first.

So you got a computer running Vista and like to dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu. The boot loader that ships with Vista can be a real pain. There are some nice utilities we can use to make that process a lot smoother for us. Here we go.

Create a partition

First you’ll need space for the Ubuntu installation. If you don’t already ...

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Install Ubuntu 9.04 / 8.10 without CD or USB

install ubuntu without cd

I rarely do upgrades and try to avoid them whenever possible, instead do always fresh installs as I like to do  house-cleaning when upgrading to a new version of OS. As I have a separate /home partition, this doesn’t affect any of my settings and only takes 1-2 hours (less than one hour on a high speed Internet connection),  which is comparable to the upgrade option from within 7.xx.

What is UNetbootin? UNetbootin creates a boot option in GRUB or the ...

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