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Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

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sync outlook with google calendar

In corporate America, Microsoft Office is still embedded deeply and with it is Outlook as the primary communication tool. For many of us, this means to either use Outlook wherever we can, at work, home or mobile.  Or we can try to work around the boundaries of Outlook messaging, like sync Outlook with Google Calendar for example.

One of the major hurdles for people to move away from Windows is the lack of a true Outlook alternative. The common scenario is you’re using Exchange at work, connecting via Outlook and using features such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more. While Evolution (Linux) used to work nicely with previous versions of Outlook, Microsoft made sure to burn that bridge with Outlook 2007.

Google Calendar SyncWhile there still is no true replacement, there are tools available that make life quite comfortable on Linux/Unix without an Outlook client.

One solution relies on Google Calendar and a small utility that replicates all exchange calendar data to Google. This way, we can also access Google Calendar from anywhere. In my case, I have a running windows pc in the office. This pc is used to replicate Exchange data to Google using Google Calendar Sync.

This litte app replicates changes either way, from Exchange to GCal or GCal to Exchange, or as in my case both ways. In addition, Evolution can exchange data with Google Calendar directly.

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