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Visual Tweaks for Sublime Text

Sublime text editor settings

Sublime is a great text editor, especially for programmers who look for formatting, keyboard shortcuts and customization. It is my text editor of choice for a while now.

There are tons of custom settings, just have a look at Preferences -> Settings Default. We often don’t take the time to setup our tools, but doing so with Sublime is definitely worth it. I’m writing up my most essential settings to make working visually with Sublime even better, have a look and adjust to your liking.

The following changes can be made to Preferences -> Settings Default, where most if not all of ...

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Definitive C++ Book List

c++ developer books

There is never enough feedback for good programming books, especially for C++ which is still the king of programming languages. Most importantly, which book is ideal for for what level? Beginners need an ease into the language, while hard core experts need a deep dive into the inner workings on certain functions and behaviors.

Below is a compiled list of good C++ books with enough feedback from readers, sorted by level of expertise.

Best Beginner C++ Books Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ (Bjarne Stroustrup)

Written by the founder of C++ himself, the books doesn’t require previous knowledge of the language and server as ...

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Best MySQL GUI clients

mysql gui clients

The best MySQL GUI client is the one that does all or most of the tasks much easier and faster than by any other method. But the selection of tasks varies from person to person, whether one is an administrator, a developer or both.

In this article we’re going to look at the optimal mix for both types of usage and highlight ones that are more suitable for MySQL administration and ...

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Top 5 Overlooked SEO Mistakes

overlooked seo mistakes

There are a lot of talk about SEO since Panda and Penguin, and lots of web masters are trying to cope with the changes that impacted their site traffic. Some of the common pundits are little content vs. html markup code, automated content generation by web scraping, keyword stuffing, buying external links to increase page rank among many more.

Since Google has been fairly vague about the implications in Panda and Penguin, ...

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OS X Mavericks clean install from USB

osx mavericks clean install

Installing and setting up OS X Mavericks is a breeze, especially since Apple moved OS upgrades from manual downloads to the app store. Couple of clicks and a coffee break, voila.

But what if you like to format your Mac’s hard drive and start with a fresh install, or if you have multiple Macs to upgrade and just don’t want to download the big install file for every single one of ...

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Adjust Your Apple Cinema Display Brightness

apple cinema display

The very first time I was looking to adjust the brightness of my Cinema Display, I was puzzled that it wouldn’t work using the brightness buttons on my keyboard. Somehow I knew I was missing something, as the keyboard of my MacBook Air only has one pair of buttons, and how would it know which display I wanted to adjust, the Air’s or the display’s.

But what about the external keyboard? ...

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How to Install Java JDK 7 in Ubuntu

java jdk 7 install

Chances are you installed Open JDK, which ships as default in the package manager and you’re having compatibility issues with some of the apps requiring Java native Java Development Kit. Not only can mismatch of different vendors cause havoc, but also version issues especially between JDK 6 and JDK 7.

Installation of Oracle Java JDK 7 can turn into a major headache, but it doesn’t have to. Here are the steps ...

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How to clean a Nexus Wireless Charger like new

how to clean a nexus wireless charger

It’s been more than 8 months that I own the Nexus 4 and still love its puristic, native Android experience and touch and feel of the all glass design.

When the orb charger appeared in the play store, I immediately purchased one. This charger completes the Nexus 4 in style and functionality. It sits on top of my bed stand and displays time via Daydream.

The only two downsides to this are ...

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Linux Screen Command – Window Management At It’s Best

linux screen command

Just in case you haven’t heard about Screen or don’t know what the Linux Screen Command is about, in short – Screen is the de-facto window manager in a Linux/Unix environment.

Not only does Screen let you open and switch between multiple windows, Screen also let’s you run programs in it’s won environment, even if you close the current SSH session. This comes in handy when you have scripts that run ...

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Useful Linux Terminal Commands

Linux terminal

This is a compilation of most of my past searches for linux terminal commands, starting years back and I kept track of them here for easy retrieval. Since some of them are rather rare, useful Linux Terminal Commands, also often asked for by users, I decided to just publish them here.

The list may grow longer over time and if you got some nice ones that is of general interest, please ...

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