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How to clean a Nexus Wireless Charger like new

Written by Peter Gilg on - like this:
how to clean a nexus wireless charger

It’s been more than 8 months that I own the Nexus 4 and still love its puristic, native Android experience and touch and feel of the all glass design.

When the orb charger appeared in the play store, I immediately purchased one. This charger completes the Nexus 4 in style and functionality. It sits on top of my bed stand and displays time via Daydream.

The only two downsides to this are (1) the daydream function turn off as soon as the device is charged. The wireless charging mode seems not to count as “docked”, and hence the phone leaves daydream, and (2) the charger’s surface looses it’s stickiness as it collects dust. Many users never got that stickiness back like when the unit was new.

nexus wireless charger clean like newClean a nexus wireless charger rubber surface is easy and quick, and will get you the stickiness back like when it was new.

1. Wet your index finger and rub the rubber surface so it gets slightly wet.
2. Use one drop of liquid dish detergent on your finger and rub the rubber surface. Don’t get any other parts of the charger wet.
3. Use a wet towel and clean off all the soap.
4. Let the charger air dry. IMPORTANT: Do not dry it with a cloth, let it air dry!

That’s it, your Nexus 4 should now stick to the charger as if it were new.

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One response to “How to clean a Nexus Wireless Charger like new”

  1. Angel says:

    Thanks so much for this, my charger has regained it’s stickiness and my nexus 4 stays in place like “bolted on”.

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