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Useful Linux Terminal Commands

Linux terminal

This is a compilation of most of my past searches for linux terminal commands, starting years back and I kept track of them here for easy retrieval. Since some of them are rather rare, useful Linux Terminal Commands, also often asked for by users, I decided to just publish them here.

The list may grow longer over time and if you got some nice ones that is of general interest, please let me know and I’m happy to add them.

How to ...

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Shell Batch Script to Loop through Files

batch script to loop through files

Another quick example of a tool belonging in an administrators toolbox. In our multi server hosting environment, we’re often in need for an automated, administrative command line task, and here is one to write a batch script to loop through files in the current directory and perform some actions on them.

Really, nothing is much simpler than that once we know how to it, it’s just that most administrators or developers don’t take the time to get into shell scripting. But little ...

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