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Create ISO from CD or DVD in ubuntu

Written by Peter Gilg on - like this:

Newer laptops and some PC’s are now shipping without CD drives these days. And operating systems are more capable of handling ISO images and mount them as drives, creating an easy way to mimic CD drives or isolated drives.

But how do we extract data from a CD and then create ISO from CD? An ISO image that can be mounted in Ubuntu or any other Linux distro? What about extracting an ISO image from an existing CD?

While there are a few approaches, some of them requiring the purchase of programs, this example is the clean and easy way utilizing the existing readom utility.

Create ISO from CD or DVD

Insert your CD into the drive. If Ubuntu mounts the drive, unmount it first with the following command.

umount /media/xxx

Using readom (read only memory) from the command line, we specify the source device and the target image file we want to create

readom dev=/dev/yourcdrom f=/home/user/directory/imagename.iso

Your drive should now spin up and create the ISO image. Once finished, mount the image file and test it, making sure it contains what you’d expect. The nice thing about ISO files is that they are easy to handle and manage and work on Windows and Mac. On a Mac, simply double click and OS X will mount it seamlessly. On Windows, you will to use a 3rd party tool, such and CDImage.

That’s it. Please remember to obey laws concerning data copy and piracy. Happy ripping!

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