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Install true type Fonts in Ubuntu

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install true type fonts

Install true type fonts in Ubuntu is a rather easy task, but often we don’t take the time to look for nice fonts and install them. Whether for local use in out OS, or for graphic or web design, a nice font gives personality and character.

With literally thousands of free fonts available on the Internet, from sites such as 1001 Free Fonts or DaFont, who could resist to add that extra spice to their documents or websites. A carefully chosen font can make all the difference between your site and a competitor one. And besides, we are staring several hours a day on our monitors. Shouldn’t we treat us with a nice looking font?

Start your terminal and get set to install true type fonts in Ubuntu, or the Linux distro of your choice. Ready? Here we go!

First, find and download your desired fonts into ~/Downloads/fonts. You may have to create that directory first. Then extract them and copy to the system fonts directory as follows:

cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype
sudo mkdir customFonts
cd customFonts
sudo cp ~/Downloads/fonts/*.ttf .
sudo chown root.root *.ttf
sudo mkfontdir

Then clear and update the fonts cache with the following command:


And that’s it. If you had your favorite graphics program open during this process, you’ll likely need to restart it to see the added fonts. For web design, you should ensure that you use only web safe fonts, or host them on your web server, otherwise your visitors won’t see it.

Have fun with your new true type font!

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