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Burn vob Files To DVD On Mac / Linux

burn vob to dvd mac

If you’ve got some .vob files and wonder how to get those onto a DVD and actually play it on your DVD player, you may get or already have some strange results. The files might just be listed on the DVD, without the disc actually playing the movie as a DVD, or the disc may play the first vob section, then the second has no sound. And there is a plethora of issues and scenarios, just not the one you were ...

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Create ISO from CD or DVD in ubuntu


Newer laptops and some PC’s are now shipping without CD drives these days. And operating systems are more capable of handling ISO images and mount them as drives, creating an easy way to mimic CD drives or isolated drives.

But how do we extract data from a CD and then create ISO from CD? An ISO image that can be mounted in Ubuntu or any other Linux distro? What about extracting an ISO image from an existing CD?

While there are a ...

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