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ImageMagick from command line

By Peter Gilg on
imagemagick from commandline

ImageMagick is such a cool and powerful tool to manipulate images, it’s a real shame if you don’t make use of it during your web design or photo album creation. You can resize, compose and convert all types of image files, it’s list of usability cases is endless. And best of all it’s free and available for almost every operating system.

If you don’t have it on your system yet, here is the imagemagick download location. You might also have it ...

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Add Medibuntu Repository for Ubuntu 9.04

By Peter Gilg on
add medibuntu repository

Medibuntu is probably the most useful and popular non-included repository for the Linux community. It contains a lot of codecs for viewing or creating audio and video files, among a ton of other, useful utilities and drivers.

It’s a must have repository for Ubuntu for anyone wanting to listen to various music in different formats, as well as viewing videos encoded in multiple codecs.

Medibuntu contains a lot of applications, some of the most popular are:

Acrobat Reader Firmware for the ALSA sound system Google ...

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Run script on startup, shutdown or reboot on Ubuntu

By Peter Gilg on
startup script ubuntu

Isn’t there always a need to run some command or program at startup? It’s easy on Windows with it’s startup folder, but what about on a Linux server? What’s the proper method to run a script at startup on Ubuntu?

Linux has different run levels, each designating a different user group with certain permissions. Some are exclusive for system processes, while others are available to regular users and admins. The file containing startup commands and the one we look at in ...

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Nginx and memcached module

By Peter Gilg on
nginx memcache

Memcache is traditionally used as a module inside server side scripts, such as PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and others. And it’s doing a terrific job, as long as it’s implemented correctly.

But if we look under the hood of the actual Memcache application, and I’m not talking about the PHP or ASP extension, but rather the executable that’s running as a daemon under Linux, it is a rather simple, database like application running in memory. Now there are two basic actions that ...

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Create ISO from CD or DVD in ubuntu

By Peter Gilg on

Newer laptops and some PC’s are now shipping without CD drives these days. And operating systems are more capable of handling ISO images and mount them as drives, creating an easy way to mimic CD drives or isolated drives.

But how do we extract data from a CD and then create ISO from CD? An ISO image that can be mounted in Ubuntu or any other Linux distro? What about extracting an ISO image from an existing CD?

While there are a ...

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Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

By Peter Gilg on
sync outlook with google calendar

In corporate America, Microsoft Office is still embedded deeply and with it is Outlook as the primary communication tool. For many of us, this means to either use Outlook wherever we can, at work, home or mobile.  Or we can try to work around the boundaries of Outlook messaging, like sync Outlook with Google Calendar for example.

One of the major hurdles for people to move away from Windows is the lack of a true Outlook alternative. The common scenario is ...

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