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Setup A Hosted Git Repository With Gitolite

gitolite install

Git has gotten a lot of hype recently, especially among smaller development teams and contractors, for its flexible, distributed environment, ease of use and while Subversion is the old kid on the block, there are pros and cons for each. This article assumes that you already know the intrinsics of the different version control systems and you’ve decided that Git is for you.

Gitolite is a package that allows us to host our repositories using one dedicated user that has restricted ...

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Moving a Subversion Repository

subversion repository

At some point in a developers life, we have to upgrade, switch hosting providers or replace broken hardware and with that comes the inevitable. Moving all of our apps, data and configuration settings, and eventually our holy repository. And with that comes also the task of moving a subversion repository.

Moving an SVN repository from one Subversion server to another, while carrying over the entire version history information may seem like a daunting task, but fortunately it’s rather quite easy and ...

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Add Medibuntu Repository for Ubuntu 9.04

add medibuntu repository

Medibuntu is probably the most useful and popular non-included repository for the Linux community. It contains a lot of codecs for viewing or creating audio and video files, among a ton of other, useful utilities and drivers.

It’s a must have repository for Ubuntu for anyone wanting to listen to various music in different formats, as well as viewing videos encoded in multiple codecs.

Medibuntu contains a lot of applications, some of the most popular are:

Acrobat Reader Firmware for the ALSA sound system Google ...

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