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Install JSON PHP Extension on CentOs or RedHat

By Peter Gilg on
install json extension linux

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the serialization format that is much lighter than it’s older sibling XML. In addition, JSON is native to JavaScript and it’s object oriented paradigm, hence makes it them perfect partners.

Instead of serializing your code manually, that is writing your own classes and functions, there is a PHP extension that takes on most of the work for you. You just have to install it.

Since I had numerous requests for info and questions relating to JSON extension ...

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ImageMagick from command line

By Peter Gilg on
imagemagick from commandline

ImageMagick is such a cool and powerful tool to manipulate images, it’s a real shame if you don’t make use of it during your web design or photo album creation. You can resize, compose and convert all types of image files, it’s list of usability cases is endless. And best of all it’s free and available for almost every operating system.

If you don’t have it on your system yet, here is the imagemagick download location. You might also have it ...

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How To Create A WordPress Plugin Or Widget

By Peter Gilg on
wordpress plugin widget

This is a very simple Tutorial to create a Partner Links plugin. Just the basics to get you started quickly.

A WordPress plugin is a snippet of code that builds and extends on the functionality of WordPress, which can add to the inner workings such as an SEO extension for example, or it can add visual elements to the site, like a Facebook link. Widgets allow these code segments to be quickly and easily enabled or disabled within predefined areas such ...

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Nginx and memcached module

By Peter Gilg on
nginx memcache

Memcache is traditionally used as a module inside server side scripts, such as PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and others. And it’s doing a terrific job, as long as it’s implemented correctly.

But if we look under the hood of the actual Memcache application, and I’m not talking about the PHP or ASP extension, but rather the executable that’s running as a daemon under Linux, it is a rather simple, database like application running in memory. Now there are two basic actions that ...

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MySQL Insert If Not Exists

By Peter Gilg on
mysql insert if not exists

INSERT IGNORE is the syntax for something equivalent for MySQL INSERT IF NOT EXISTS. There is really no direct command matching the SQL Server version as outlined in this articles title, at least not in the current release of MySql.

The statement INSERT IGNORE and to some extent REPLACE INTO, do essentially the same thing, inserting a record if that given record does not exists.

MySQL insert if not exists

Let’s consider the following samples, where we want a record inserted if it’s ...

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Website Tuning – Speed up your web pages

By Peter Gilg on
website tuning

Ever wonder why some sites take forever to load while others appear in a snap? Let alone the associated user experience. It’s just more fun browsing a site that loads fast. And since Google now rates Adsense weight by load times, it makes more sense than ever to ensure that our pages load as fast as possible.

Especially with high performance websites, page load times are of highest concern. Not only user experience is directly affected, but bandwidth and hardware costs ...

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Eclipse Ganymede and PDT 2.0 for PHP Development

By Peter Gilg on
eclipse ganymede

With the release of Eclipse Ganymede, the IDE has become even better. I remember using Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.0.1 for about two weeks, after giving up and moving over to Netbeans 6.5. Too many issues with the debugging part, constant exceptions and a sizable slow down when working on web pages just got me too frustrated.

Now Ganymede is out for a while, but I just haven’t given it a change until now. And I’m positively surprised. While still fairly ...

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Install Subversion on 1and1 Hosting Provider

By Peter Gilg on
1and1 cheap website hosting

There is just no better solution than having your source code available to you over the internet, hosted on a safe and stable provider when working on several projects at different locations. I am currently using 1and1 as my hosting provider, and I have my repository for all my source code there as well. I can work anywhere and have access to the latest code, check out change history, compare different versions and so on.

Sure, there are source code service ...

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