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From an idea to the final product - I’m with you thru the process with confidence, because I’ve done it - time after time

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I’m thrilled to give you my perspective on the field of web and mobile development. I will help you work out and execute a stragegy for your product, including product roadmap, social integration, SEO, scalable and failsafe architecture, marketing and public relations. And after all ensure you look good on all devices.
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Similar to consulting, but I get involved hands-on. I step into the trenches whether it’s improving your teams efficiency & communication, implement new parts of agile methodology or help define a minimum viable product including risk & reward ssessment.
Let’s talk.
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Already know what you need but are short on resources - let me help you get to the finish line on time.
You decide how much involvement in architecture and planning you want, even if it’s just a piece of code per your specs.
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Do you use Flash in your design

No, Flash is not supported by many mobile devices and replaced by dynamic javascript. Flash is also not ideal for SEO, as it’s data is embedded, hence invisible to search engines.

Can you add to our existing code base?

Yes, in most cases. I can review part of your existing code and provide an estimate of time and cost before hand.

Will my website show nice on iPhones & iPads?

Absolutely, I implement responsive designs that looks perfect on iPhones, iPads and Android tablets and phones, as well as different size monitors.

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Fix for Item can’t be moved to Trash because…

OSX Trash Can

Deleting files on a Mac is one if the simplest tasks, or one would assume. Ever so often the error “Item can’t be moved to Trash because item can’t be deleted” shows up when attempting to move a file to the trash can.

The reason behind the message is that the file to be deleted is in use and the holding application won’t release it for moving. The easiest fix is to find out which application is holding the files locked and close it. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you may have to force quit the app.

Click on the apple ...

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Is Agile Overhyped or Misused?

agile methodology

Over the past few years, agile has overtaken the development scene from being a buzzword to being implemented everywhere, or so it seems. Is anyone claiming not to be  agile these days?

I believe the benefits of Agile development still stand. Enhanced visibility and adaptability, reduced risks and increased business value, if implemented properly. But the way it’s used in most teams today, it hardly meets any of these criteria.

In the mid 90’s I was implementing Six Sigma which is based on Toyota’s lean manufacturing method, having an engineering background. Kaizen, Just In Time, Standard Work etc. were the buzzwords then, and ...

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Fix the Patriot USB write protected issue

usb xpress write protected

My Patriot USB Memory stick flash drive got stuck in write protected mode. The first glimpse that something was awry I got when using Disk Utility on my MacBook Air. All options were grayed out, except for verify disk. Running it resulted in a message letting me know that the disk needed repair. The repair process in turn gave me a result of Error: -69877: Couldn’t open device. Nice!

Getting a hold of a ...

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Mount SSH Folder on a Mac with OSXFuse & SSHFS

mount ssh osxfuse sshfs mac

You may already know how to access shared files on a PC over your home network from a Mac. What about accessing a share on your file server on the internet via SSH? Here we’re going to mount an SSH folder on a Mac with OSXFuse and SSHFS.

Google engineers released a software package that enables Mac OS X to mount remote file systems using a variety of methods, including SSH. This software, called OSXFuse lets you ...

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How do I Motivate my Team

motivate my team

Successfully motivate my team is an ongoing challenge, quite sophisticated yet rewarding. It’s like steering a ship toward its destination, keeping course without ever arriving. Motivating factors are based on two influencing environments. The existence of a comfortable, clean environment free of negative mental and physical impacts (foundation), and stimulating influences that strive for and enhance satisfaction and contentment (stimulation).

For example, how could we expect a team to be motivated if ...

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Building a Team

building a team

This article is not about the usual subjects, like motivation, communication etc. What I’m talking about is consciously planning to build, improve and measure key metrics of a development team. Often times, teams get built over time with little awareness of their dynamic. “We’re swamped, we need a javascript developer”, or “For this project, we got to add another dba” and so it goes. Before we know it, the team has ...

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iOS Bluetooth Problems & Fixes

bluetooth issues fixes

iOS 7 has been wildly adopted by now and most users like it. Some snags have been present at launch, but most were ironed out with couple of subsequent service releases. One area that still seems to bug users is with Bluetooth connections.

There are a variety of issues, most of them related to connecting to external devices, and even more solutions that are fixes or at least workarounds. So let’s ...

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Custom URL Parameter Rewrites in WordPress

Custom URL Parameters

Recently, I was building a custom search page in WordPress for a gift idea site, where users could select the occasion (Birthday, Christmas …), the recipient (Women, Girl …) and the maximum price of the gift. In addition, I wanted the URL to be nice and SEO friendly, without query parameters.

Now, creating nice URLs within the confines of what WordPress has to offer out of the box is really simple ...

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Visual Tweaks for Sublime Text

Sublime text editor settings

Sublime is a great text editor, especially for programmers who look for formatting, keyboard shortcuts and customization. It is my text editor of choice for a while now.

There are tons of custom settings, just have a look at Preferences -> Settings Default. We often don’t take the time to setup our tools, but doing so with Sublime is definitely worth it. I’m writing up my most essential settings to make ...

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Definitive C++ Book List

c++ developer books

There is never enough feedback for good programming books, especially for C++ which is still the king of programming languages. Most importantly, which book is ideal for for what level? Beginners need an ease into the language, while hard core experts need a deep dive into the inner workings on certain functions and behaviors.

Below is a compiled list of good C++ books with enough feedback from readers, sorted by level ...

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