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Install PHP 5.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

By Peter Gilg on
install php5 ubuntu

There are many reasons why we want to install PHP 5.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, the most prominent is that many web packages are not compatible yet with PHP 5.3. Drupal 6 being a prime example.

But there is no automated method out of the box, and there are now several scripts floating around the Internet that may work or just partially work. A major concern is the ability to update, easily switch to PHP 5.3 when the application is ...

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Best New Chrome Extensions For Developers

By Peter Gilg on
chrome extensions developers

With increasing popularity in Google’s Chrome browser, so increases the demand for extensions. This is especially true for Developers, as we are used to such a nice variety of high quality tools in Firefox. And the more tools are available on one browser, the more that browser is used in developing web sites, resulting in higher quality web experience for end users on that platform. Btw., did you know that Google Chrome surpasses Safari in US browser market ( The ...

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Testing Memcached Using Telnet Commands

By Peter Gilg on
memcached telnet

Troubleshooting memcached is not so transparent as some other technologies, but testing memcached using telnet commands can give us quite some insight on what’s happening under the hood.

The following tutorial on testing memcached with telnet from the command line is a short list of useful commands to inspect a running memcached instance.

How to find the IP address and port to connect ps aux | grep memcached

The above will give us the process running memcached, with listening ip address and port. If ...

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How to find duplicate rows in MySQL database table

By Peter Gilg on
find duplicate rows in mysql

I’ve been asked the question “How can I return duplicate rows only from a MySQL db table” many times, so I’ve decided to post a writeup here in a short article. After all, it seems such a common requirement. Any DBA undoubtedly has come across the need to find duplicates in a table.

If you’re really concerned about duplicate rows, or even more profound, if you’re code logic depends on unique entries in a mysql table, you really should implement a ...

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Track And Parse Twitter Messages Stream

By Peter Gilg on
parse twitter stream

With the increasing buzz about Twitter and its messages, more web developers want to incorporate a stream of Twitter messages into their websites.

Ever wanted to listen, track and parse tweets from a Twitter stream from an individual user? It’s quite an easy task, if you know the right URL’s to parse. Curl is a great little tool to get sources from almost any web resource and Curl has roots in Linux command like and PHP, just to name a couple.

Let’s ...

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Hot To Install Memcache PHP On Mac OS X

By Peter Gilg on
install memcache php on mac osx

I recently installed the memcached daemon on my MacBook Pro, including the necessary PHP client for development purposes. I just prefer to work locally instead of using a VM running Linux. And the process is actually quite simple and straight forward. Please note, I have included both clients, the old standard one and the newer PECL extension, because I deal with different applications and also lots of people seems to get confused when they install one version and their memcache ...

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What’s new in Google’s Caffeine Search update

By Peter Gilg on
what's new in google caffeine

Google’s search algorithm update, codenamed “Google Caffeine” in set to launch in the coming days, so we wonder what’s new in Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is said to stir up the Webmaster / SEO world with a slew of algorithm updates. Most predominantly, it will be much quicker than the current Google search and rely more on keyword strings in the page content, and it will make real-time search much more important.

The new focus on real-time search results means that ...

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How to install PHP Mcrypt to Snow Leopard

By Peter Gilg on
install php mcrypt snow leopard

The following instructions on how to install php mcrypt to Snow Leopard assume that you have a working Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.3 in place and want to add the php mcrypt module. It will work as a fresh install, but keep in mind that additional configuration steps after these instructions are necessary to get your web server working properly. Those additional steps are omitted here, as there are countless resources available on the Internet.

1. If you don’t already have the mcrypt ...

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MySQL – How To Analyze, Repair and Optimize all Tables

By Peter Gilg on
mysql analyze repair optimize

Whether you’re a DBA or just host your own blog, database maintenance is a task you’ll have to perform sooner or later. Either the website gets slow, data becomes corrupt or worse, the server crashes, having a few commands handy will be golden. So how do we perform a mysql repair and optimize all databases?

Many MySQL GUI clients allow for analyze, repair and optimize functions, but they usually are limited to one table at a time, or to a maximum ...

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How to install Apache PHP and MySQL on a Mac

By Peter Gilg on
install apache php mysql mac

The following instructions guide you thru the installation of the latest LAMP Stack (Apache, PHP and MySQL) on MacOS X Snow Leopard.

Sure, there are pre-packaged solutions like MAMP and MAMP Pro, but if you want to know the inner workings of a LAMP stack, you want to do the installation and configuration yourself.

Let’s get started. Here are the steps to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Mac OS X

Download the installation image from MySQL website here. Then double-click to ...

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