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How To Install Snow Leopard From USB

install snow leopard from usb

Ever been without a DVD/CDROM or installation disk?  Especially MacBook Air users undoubtedly come across this situation. This article will explain how to install Snow Leopard from an external device such as USB or disk drive.

You will need an appropriately sized external drive or USB Flash Drive, as the Snow Leopard install DVD’s size is about 6.2 gigabytes. An 8GB USB stick like the SanDisk Cruzer 8GB is the perfect choice.

Now let’s plug in that USB stick and get started.

Install Snow Leopard from USB drive

1. Start up Disk Utility and select your Flash Drive from the left side pane.

2. Select the ...

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How to install PHP Mcrypt to Snow Leopard

install php mcrypt snow leopard

The following instructions on how to install php mcrypt to Snow Leopard assume that you have a working Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.3 in place and want to add the php mcrypt module. It will work as a fresh install, but keep in mind that additional configuration steps after these instructions are necessary to get your web server working properly. Those additional steps are omitted here, as there are countless resources available on the Internet.

1. If you don’t already have the mcrypt module (in /usr/lib), download the libmcrypt source code from Sourceforge here. Then extract the downloaded file in a Terminal and move ...

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MySQL – How To Analyze, Repair and Optimize all Tables

mysql analyze repair optimize

Whether you’re a DBA or just host your own blog, database maintenance is a task you’ll have to perform sooner or later. Either the website gets slow, data becomes corrupt or worse, the server crashes, having a few commands handy will be golden. So how do we perform a mysql repair and optimize all databases?

Many MySQL GUI clients allow for analyze, repair and optimize functions, but they usually are limited ...

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How to install Apache PHP and MySQL on a Mac

install apache php mysql mac

The following instructions guide you thru the installation of the latest LAMP Stack (Apache, PHP and MySQL) on MacOS X Snow Leopard.

Sure, there are pre-packaged solutions like MAMP and MAMP Pro, but if you want to know the inner workings of a LAMP stack, you want to do the installation and configuration yourself.

Let’s get started. Here are the steps to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Mac OS X

Download ...

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Install true type Fonts in Ubuntu

install true type fonts

Install true type fonts in Ubuntu is a rather easy task, but often we don’t take the time to look for nice fonts and install them. Whether for local use in out OS, or for graphic or web design, a nice font gives personality and character.

With literally thousands of free fonts available on the Internet, from sites such as 1001 Free Fonts or DaFont, who could resist to add that ...

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How to recover a lost Linux root password

recover linux root password

Forgot your root password? Nice going. What now? Reinstall the machine from ground up? Sadly enough, I’ve seen this happening all too often while it’s surprisingly easy to change the password knowing the correct procedure. While this doesn’t work in all cases (like if you secured your machine with a GRUB password and forgot that as well), but here’s the procedure in case of a CentOS Linux machine.

Recover Linux root ...

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Install JSON PHP Extension on CentOs or RedHat

install json extension linux

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the serialization format that is much lighter than it’s older sibling XML. In addition, JSON is native to JavaScript and it’s object oriented paradigm, hence makes it them perfect partners.

Instead of serializing your code manually, that is writing your own classes and functions, there is a PHP extension that takes on most of the work for you. You just have to install it.

Since I had ...

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ImageMagick from command line

imagemagick from commandline

ImageMagick is such a cool and powerful tool to manipulate images, it’s a real shame if you don’t make use of it during your web design or photo album creation. You can resize, compose and convert all types of image files, it’s list of usability cases is endless. And best of all it’s free and available for almost every operating system.

If you don’t have it on your system yet, here ...

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Silverlight For Ubuntu And Other Linux Distro’s

silverlight for ubunt -linux

It’s a real surprise that Microsoft supports a technology that works on Linux. But we don’t have to wonder, since Silverlight as a technology relies on it’s user base to end up as success or failure, it makes perfect sense. And that’s likely the only reason Microsoft has worked with Novell and Mono to create a Silverlight plugin for Linux.

Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux/Unix systems. ...

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How To Create A WordPress Plugin Or Widget

wordpress plugin widget

This is a very simple Tutorial to create a Partner Links plugin. Just the basics to get you started quickly.

A WordPress plugin is a snippet of code that builds and extends on the functionality of WordPress, which can add to the inner workings such as an SEO extension for example, or it can add visual elements to the site, like a Facebook link. Widgets allow these code segments to be ...

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