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iFrame problems in WordPress solved

Wordpress iframes not working

Help: WordPress iFrame and Embed not working! The issue where in WordPress iFrames not working, or simply disappear was introduced with version 2.2  There seems to be a known problem with iFrames in posts and pages, starting with WordPress 2.2.1 to be exact, which happens when editors use the internal WYSIWYG editor. A lot of users have reported this issue in frustration.

Initial saving of the content was fine, but subsequently editing and re-saving is would strip iFrame tags. A less than ideal solution was to avoid using the WYSIWYG editor and edit the post using HTML code. Now there is ...

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Top Firefox Extensions For Web Developers

top firefox extensions

With new releases of Firefox coming out every few weeks, we thought it’s time for a fresh list of most powerful, top Firefox extensions for web developers. Even though couple of our mentions are not yet compatible with this latest release, we’re convinced they’ll be available in no time.

While the latest releases also include some HTML 5 enhancements, we like to see some new extensions to help developers with canvas, forms, local storage and other new features in the future.

In case, we mean just in case you don’t have Firefox yet, you can get it here.


Firebug is the de-facto, must ...

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How To Enable Apache Digest Authentication

apache digest authentication

Basic http authentication in Apache (mod_auith) has been available for a while, but one major downside still exists, which is the exchange of plain text user name and password information over a possibly unsecured network. That is where Apache Digest Authentication takes over and provides us with MD5 encrypted values, using the mod_digest Apache module.

Here are the steps to create a password file to store all account information, install the apache ...

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Moving a Subversion Repository

subversion repository

At some point in a developers life, we have to upgrade, switch hosting providers or replace broken hardware and with that comes the inevitable. Moving all of our apps, data and configuration settings, and eventually our holy repository. And with that comes also the task of moving a subversion repository.

Moving an SVN repository from one Subversion server to another, while carrying over the entire version history information may seem like ...

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Install ffmpeg on Mac Snow Leopard

ffmpeg on apple osx

Ffmpeg is the de-facto open source standard for encoding audio and video. Especially with the arrival of html5 which uses codecs like Ogg, Theora, Vorbis, h264, webm among others, and the increasing popularity of devices from Apple, such as iPod, iPad and the iPhone, all of which require a different standard from flv, the version so widely in use by Adobe Flash.

Another positive aspect is that ffmpeg has a much ...

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Create Your Own Folders On The iPad

create ipad folders
Now you can create folders on iPad and iPhone

Creating our own folders to organize files has always been on top of the wish list for the iPad. With iOS 4.2  we finally have the capability of creating desktop folders to store applications, photos, videos or any other content.

In addition, creating folders on the iPad is an easy way to limit the number of screens we have to scroll through when searching for a ...

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Access Dropbox From Linux Server Command Line

dropbox from the command line

Access Dropbox from the command line on a Linux server is a real time saver, especially for developers. Sharing files between Virtual Machines (VM) can be a pain, especially if your VM is running on a text based server without UI. For example, I start up a new VM for almost anything and I deal with up to 20 different sites and application and every one has it’s own VM.

VMWare ...

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Cross deleting records from multiple tables in mysql

mysql join delete

I’ve been asked many times how to do a MySQL join delete, that is delete records in multiple tables joined in MySQL. Here are three of methods that should get anyone started.

As always, create a backup before updating or deleting records.

Simple Inner Join Delete Method

The simple inner join method uses commas with an implicit inner join like in the example below. Here we’re using an items and price table, where ...

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How To Clone A Virtual Machine In VirtualBox

virtualbox clone virtual machine

Moving, cloning and modifying Virtual Machines in VirtualBox and their associated Virtual Hard Disks has been no easy task. And to make matters worse, the steps are poorly documented at best.

In this step by steps guide, we’re going to clone a virtual machine using VirtualBox 3.2.10 r66523 running on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit host operation system.

Steps To Clone a Virtual Machine Merge Snapshots

Merge all snapshots that we want to be included, delete the ...

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Fix for OSX 10.6.5 apachectl: ulimit open files

ulimit open files

If you’ve recently upgraded your Mac to OSX 10.6.5, and are a developer who run apache locally on your machine, you’re likely to find yourself with a broken web server.

Installing and running a Lamp stack on a Mac has never been as easy as, let’s say Ubuntu or even Windows, and we certainly appreciate the fact that Apple is including more and more of it in its standard OSX base ...

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