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Top Firefox Extensions For Web Developers

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top firefox extensions

With new releases of Firefox coming out every few weeks, we thought it’s time for a fresh list of most powerful, top Firefox extensions for web developers. Even though couple of our mentions are not yet compatible with this latest release, we’re convinced they’ll be available in no time.

While the latest releases also include some HTML 5 enhancements, we like to see some new extensions to help developers with canvas, forms, local storage and other new features in the future.

In case, we mean just in case you don’t have Firefox yet, you can get it here.


Firebug is the de-facto, must have extension. Don’t call yourself a developer if you don’t know this one. Javascript debugger, live DOM & CSS inspector, cookie editor, element inspector and so much more. The single greatest web developer add-on for Firefox.

Web Developer Toolbar

Another great developer tool from Chris Pederick, and an addition to FireBug, adds a toolbar with powerful web developer tools at your fingertips. It contains everything from displaying image path and their sizes to clearing cache and providing a ruler, just to name a few.

Live HTTP Headers

As you browse, view live HTTP headers of any page loading in real time. Get page status, compression state, response codes, content type and size. Get full insight into your page headers with this top firefox extension.


How many times did you want to copy the exact color of an element? Or just slightly darker or brighter. ColorZilla assists as an advanced eyedropper, color picker, page zoom tool and various colorful goodies.

Cache Status

Page loading slow and don’t know why? Get outdated content where edits just don’t show up? Or simply want to check if your performance caching is working? Easily check cache status and management from the status bar with Cache Status.

Edit Cookies

As a developer, you undoubtedly worked with values from cookies, setting and getting users data to be used in your code. Edit browser cookies inside Firefox made easy with Edit Cookies. Quickly set a key / value pair and test the results. A great tool and time saver.


Test, record and improve performance and network tweaks for Firefox. Get a handle of page speed and load time and keep tuning them like nothing else, thanks to Fasterfox.


Allows for easy spoofing of the HTTP referrer header, so you can test different results and behavior when a user arrives from various destinations.

Regular Expressions Tester

Regular Expressions can be a nightmare. In fact, I’ve seen developers either love it or hate it. If you’re the latter and just can’t fully grasp Regular Expressions, get this Firefox extension. Great testing tool for regular expressions validation with color highlighting.

User Agent Switcher

Have a site layout with different css rules that changes based on User Agent? Well, you’re not alone. User Agent Switcher adds a menu and toolbar button to easily switch the user agent of the browser.

Show MyIP

Last but not least, a simple but useful firefox extension that displays your current external IP address. What else is there to say.

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