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iOS Bluetooth Problems & Fixes

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bluetooth issues fixes

iOS 7 has been wildly adopted by now and most users like it. Some snags have been present at launch, but most were ironed out with couple of subsequent service releases. One area that still seems to bug users is with Bluetooth connections.

There are a variety of issues, most of them related to connecting to external devices, and even more solutions that are fixes or at least workarounds. So let’s start tackle these iOS bluetooth problems once and for all.

Steps to fix most common iOS bluetooth problems

Check Power and Range

Before you proceed with the following Bluetooth troubleshooting steps, ensure that the device you’re trying to connect to has sufficient battery level, or is plugged into a power adapter. If that checks out ok, verify that the device is in Bluetooth range, which is traditionally 10 feet. For testing purposes, I recommend to be as close as you can, so to eliminate any range related issues.

Apply the Latest iOS Update

The very fist step is to check and apply any update that might be available. Update include bug fixes and might just be the solution. Navigate to Settings -> General ->Software Update and check if there is one available.

Turn Bluetooth OFF and Back ON

Turning your Bluetooth completely off for a minute gives the device the opportunity to reset itself. This re-initialization often helps to connect to troublesome devices.

Reset Bluetooth Settings

Clearing the Bluetooth and Network settings entirely is a last resort, and allows the device to start from scratch. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. This will remove any paired device including settings and configurations. Once cleared, add the troublesome device first, then proceed with other devices that were paired and connected before. Make sure you have your wi-fi passwords handy as they will need to be re-entered.

Try Another Device

Just to eliminate any issues on the connecting device, try to pair your iMac or Laptop with the same external device. If your laptop has issues as well, the problem lay withing the external device after all.

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