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How To Clone A Virtual Machine In VirtualBox

By Peter Gilg on
virtualbox clone virtual machine

Moving, cloning and modifying Virtual Machines in VirtualBox and their associated Virtual Hard Disks has been no easy task. And to make matters worse, the steps are poorly documented at best.

In this step by steps guide, we’re going to clone a virtual machine using VirtualBox 3.2.10 r66523 running on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit host operation system.

Steps To Clone a Virtual Machine Merge Snapshots

Merge all snapshots that we want to be included, delete the ones we don’t want. Unless we do this, we only ...

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Fix for OSX 10.6.5 apachectl: ulimit open files

By Peter Gilg on
ulimit open files

If you’ve recently upgraded your Mac to OSX 10.6.5, and are a developer who run apache locally on your machine, you’re likely to find yourself with a broken web server.

Installing and running a Lamp stack on a Mac has never been as easy as, let’s say Ubuntu or even Windows, and we certainly appreciate the fact that Apple is including more and more of it in its standard OSX base install, but unfortunately a bug that kills Apache web server ...

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Setup Puppet to configure your network servers

By Peter Gilg on
setup puppet master

Growing companies at some point are faced with the increased workload to setup, configure and maintain their servers and applications. Administrators try to script repetitive tasks and ultimately look for solutions that are scalable and provide a central management tool base. There are several software packages available, commercial and open source ones.

Puppet is probably the most used open source configuration management package available today and more system administrators and software developers are interested in setting it up within their environment. ...

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Burn vob Files To DVD On Mac / Linux

By Peter Gilg on
burn vob to dvd mac

If you’ve got some .vob files and wonder how to get those onto a DVD and actually play it on your DVD player, you may get or already have some strange results. The files might just be listed on the DVD, without the disc actually playing the movie as a DVD, or the disc may play the first vob section, then the second has no sound. And there is a plethora of issues and scenarios, just not the one you were ...

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Hot To Install Memcache PHP On Mac OS X

By Peter Gilg on
install memcache php on mac osx

I recently installed the memcached daemon on my MacBook Pro, including the necessary PHP client for development purposes. I just prefer to work locally instead of using a VM running Linux. And the process is actually quite simple and straight forward. Please note, I have included both clients, the old standard one and the newer PECL extension, because I deal with different applications and also lots of people seems to get confused when they install one version and their memcache ...

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How To Install Snow Leopard From USB

By Peter Gilg on
install snow leopard from usb

Ever been without a DVD/CDROM or installation disk?  Especially MacBook Air users undoubtedly come across this situation. This article will explain how to install Snow Leopard from an external device such as USB or disk drive.

You will need an appropriately sized external drive or USB Flash Drive, as the Snow Leopard install DVD’s size is about 6.2 gigabytes. An 8GB USB stick like the SanDisk Cruzer 8GB is the perfect choice.

Now let’s plug in that USB stick and get started.

Install Snow ...

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How to install PHP Mcrypt to Snow Leopard

By Peter Gilg on
install php mcrypt snow leopard

The following instructions on how to install php mcrypt to Snow Leopard assume that you have a working Apache 2.2 / PHP 5.3 in place and want to add the php mcrypt module. It will work as a fresh install, but keep in mind that additional configuration steps after these instructions are necessary to get your web server working properly. Those additional steps are omitted here, as there are countless resources available on the Internet.

1. If you don’t already have the mcrypt ...

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How to install Apache PHP and MySQL on a Mac

By Peter Gilg on
install apache php mysql mac

The following instructions guide you thru the installation of the latest LAMP Stack (Apache, PHP and MySQL) on MacOS X Snow Leopard.

Sure, there are pre-packaged solutions like MAMP and MAMP Pro, but if you want to know the inner workings of a LAMP stack, you want to do the installation and configuration yourself.

Let’s get started. Here are the steps to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Mac OS X

Download the installation image from MySQL website here. Then double-click to ...

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