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Reset Apple Wireless Keyboard Pairing

apple wireless keyboard pairing

The Apple Wireless Keyboard pairing problems of it’s Bluetooth version are all too common, yet there are no easy to find instructions on Apples website, at least I couldn’t find any. If you’re like me and countless fellow Mac users that needed to reset their Apple wireless keyboard, just to run into a lengthy process of research and frustration, well then you know what I’m talking about.

It’s completely inexcusable that such a simple, yet highly demanded task is poorly documented by Apple. After all, it appears that besides using a wireless device on more than one mac, users also seem to face issues ...

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Fakeproc causing high cpu utilization

fakeproc high cpu utilization

I recently was called for help by a WordPress based site owner, suspecting that her site was hacked and cpu utilization of her Ec2 instance was pegged at 100%. She rebooted to remedy the situation, hence I initially could not find anything wrong, no suspicious processes running and network socket connections seemed fine.

The next day she contacted me again, this time right away while her site was bogged down. Despite extremely high cpu utilization, I was able to ssh into the instance after all. And there they were, a bunch of processes appearing to run as “/usr/bin/fakeproc”.

Wondering what was causing the fakeproc ...

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Setup A Hosted Git Repository With Gitolite

gitolite install

Git has gotten a lot of hype recently, especially among smaller development teams and contractors, for its flexible, distributed environment, ease of use and while Subversion is the old kid on the block, there are pros and cons for each. This article assumes that you already know the intrinsics of the different version control systems and you’ve decided that Git is for you.

Gitolite is a package that allows us to ...

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Create mobile and iPad versions of your WordPress site

mobile version of Wordpress

Creating different versions of a WordPress site is no easy task, especially for the blogger who also becomes an occasional theme developer. A proper mobile version should start out at site planning, theme design and user behavior.

But what if you already have a nice looking site but don’t want to spend the time and money? At least there is a solution, WPtouch.

WPtouch is a WordPress plugin for self-hosted WordPress websites ...

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Linux jobs get more demand

linux jobs get more demand

Linux Foundation director Jim Zemlin, has some advise for Linux world professionals. He was as of late quoted saying, “Linux’s increasing use across industries is building high demand for Linux jobs despite national unemployment stats. reaches millions of Linux professionals from all over the world. By providing a Jobs Board feature on the popular community site, we can bring together employers, recruiters and job seekers to lay the intellectual foundation ...

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Apache Prefork Vs Worker Threads

apache prefork vs worker threads

We often get questions like: What is the difference between Apache Prefork vs Worker Threads? Is it wrong to have set the configuration values the same for both? Or is it wrong to have them different?

In this quick article I will shed some light between the two modules and assess what real world circumstances, a certain os and application would call for which solution.

It all goes back to the old ...

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Best Free Beat Making Software

Best beat making software

Beat Making can be a great way to earn money and build a career in the music industry. Up to now, you only had a couple of options when it came to selecting a beat maker.

The first was to pay a high price for high priced high end equipment.  The other option was to get affordable software that you could afford, but made beats that sounded like crap.

Here you find ...

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View Progress Of MySQL Dump Restore Or Import

mysqldump progress bar

Ever wondered why the MySQL command line tool don’t have any sort of progress bar or information or status update? Well, you’re not alone if you do. Especially importing a GB sized dump file can take a long time, especially if the table engine was InnoDB.

There are some clever utilities which can be used to accomplish just that, by giving the user simple, yet useful information about the progress of ...

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iFrame problems in WordPress solved

Wordpress iframes not working

Help: WordPress iFrame and Embed not working! The issue where in WordPress iFrames not working, or simply disappear was introduced with version 2.2  There seems to be a known problem with iFrames in posts and pages, starting with WordPress 2.2.1 to be exact, which happens when editors use the internal WYSIWYG editor. A lot of users have reported this issue in frustration.

Initial saving of the content was fine, but subsequently ...

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Top Firefox Extensions For Web Developers

top firefox extensions

With new releases of Firefox coming out every few weeks, we thought it’s time for a fresh list of most powerful, top Firefox extensions for web developers. Even though couple of our mentions are not yet compatible with this latest release, we’re convinced they’ll be available in no time.

While the latest releases also include some HTML 5 enhancements, we like to see some new extensions to help developers with canvas, ...

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