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Linux jobs get more demand

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linux jobs get more demand

Linux Foundation director Jim Zemlin, has some advise for Linux world professionals. He was as of late quoted saying, “Linux’s increasing use across industries is building high demand for Linux jobs despite national unemployment stats. reaches millions of Linux professionals from all over the world. By providing a Jobs Board feature on the popular community site, we can bring together employers, recruiters and job seekers to lay the intellectual foundation for tomorrow’s IT industry.”

Current requirement is for 8,000 Linux-based technical jobs. Unix is being replaced by Linux in a fast pace and most of todays devices run on a changed version of Linux kernel from servers, HDTV desktops to supercomputing data centers.

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Linux beginners can get ahead of the pack and acquire wide Linux skills from sources such as the Linux Qualified Institute where there is vendor also as distribution neutrality. For IT employers using Linux distributions, a in reference to employee with a suite of certification from company vendors such as Red Hat or Novell will whisk greater demand than general Linux expertise.

For the ‘self –learner’, there are innumerable online resources that are offered free. An excellent industry supported example is the IBM developerWorks. With more than 70 articles, resources IT pros looking to benefit and build on their Linux skills, the opportunity at hand is unlimited. The platform alone draws over 300,000 visitors a month and you could just imagine the extent of reach possible at hand to mid-level Linux developers.


The most professional of Linux developers are the ones in most demand because now it is businesses who are seeking to employ masters of the Linux kernel. Today, these industries need qualified Linux experts who have ‘already- done-it’ and would necessarily step in and resolve the IT problem swiftly and efficiently because of their proven track record.
Consequently, listing all projects handled by you such as Solaris-to-Linux carries more weight age than just your Linux certification.


Presume it or not, but the latest salary considerations are not startling primed for qualified Linux experts. Despite similar job titles, a Linux IT professional has a considerably higher commercials in comparison to proprietary software colleagues (Windows …) Moreover, the alarming growth curve of open source mobile computing, enterprise applications is exploding the employment scenario for open source professionals.

It looks as if the Penguin is finally poised for ascendency and it is time for all you closet Linux developers to smarten up, clear your cluttered desktops and set to work on your Linux resumes and set the Penguin to waddle amongst your employers. It is probably that at the least the next half decade is for Linux professionals who are early adapters. Now is the time to get the right skill sets, certifications to rule the world with open source mobiles, tablets and what-have-you-on-Linux.

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