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Install CouchDB & use with JSON and Map-Reduce

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install couchdb

CouchDB is another offspring from the open-source, NoSQL, non-relational databases and is maintained under the Apache Foundation. It differs itself form the likes of MongoDB or Cassandra in many ways, except they all store data in so called “documents” that are in JSON format. Utilizing this format allows for data structures which can be hashes, lists, nested arrays and of course scalar values.

This added complexity results in more powerful features, mainly to have a db that is not just a single key/value pair, but it comes at a price of speed reduction. Interested? Learn how to install CouchDB.

CouchDB can be a little bit of a pain to install, because it needs a few prerequisites and they in turn have a few of their own quirks. This outline should help you get CouchDB with all it’s necessities installed. We’ve used MacOS, but you can substitute your OS where applicable.

The CouchDB source code and installer packages are downloadable here. As of this writing, version 0.11.2 is the latest stable version, with 1.0.1 just around the corner. You will also need Spider Monkey, Mozilla’s C implementation of JavaScript.

Installing SpiderMonkey

Once downloaded, extract the tarball and move into the sources folder:

tar -xzvf js-1.8.0-rc1.tar.gz
cd js/src

If you’re installing SpiderMonkey on a Mac, there is a small hack to the jsprf.c file that has to be applied. Adding the following two lines (in orange below) after line 60 should resolve the build issue:

60: #define VARARGS_ASSIGN(foo, bar) VA_COPY(foo,bar)
61: #elif defined(va_copy)
62: #define VARARGS_ASSIGN(foo, bar)

63: #elif defined(HAVE_VA_LIST_AS_ARRAY)

Now we should have no problems running make:

 make BUILD_OPT=1 -f Makefile.ref
 sudo sh
 sudo make BUILD_OPT=1 JS_DIST=/usr/local -f Makefile.ref export

Installing ICU

ICU is a library for International Components for Unicode and CouchDB relies on it. Let’s download it from here. Once downloaded, extract the package and move into the sources folder and change some permissions before building the code:

tar -xzvf icu4c-4_4_1-src.tgz
cd icu/source
chmod +x runConfigureICU configure install-sh
./runConfigreICU -h (select the suffix for your OS and and supply it as argument to runConfigureICU, eg: ./runConfigureICU MacOS)
sudo make install

Installing Erlang

Erlang is the language used to build CouchDB, and you’ll have to install it if it’s not yet present. Download Erlang version 14A (latest as of this writing) from here or use wget or curl as in the steps below.

cd /tmp
tar -xzvf otp_src_R14A.tar.gz
cd otp_src_R14A
./configure --enable-hipe --enable-smp-support --enable-threads (--enable-darvin-universal for Mac)
sudo make install

Installing CouchDB

Now finally we’re ready to install CouchDB.

cd /tmp
tar -xzvf apache
cd apache-couchdb-0.11.2
sudo make install
sudo couchdb start

Testing our CouchDB installation

Besides the countless client libraries written in almost any language, we can simply use Telnet to create a database and do some basic data manipulation to test our installation.

telnet localhost 5984

If there are no errors and you get a response like below, you’re all set.

 Connected to localhost.
 Escape character is '^]'.

A good introduction to CouchDB and it’s commands can be found here.

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