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What’s new in Google’s Caffeine Search update

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what's new in google caffeine

Google’s search algorithm update, codenamed “Google Caffeine” in set to launch in the coming days, so we wonder what’s new in Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is said to stir up the Webmaster / SEO world with a slew of algorithm updates. Most predominantly, it will be much quicker than the current Google search and rely more on keyword strings in the page content, and it will make real-time search much more important.

The new focus on real-time search results means that sites that consistently ranked high will take a hit. This will give smart webmasters who understand the dynamic of  real-time social media an excellent opportunity to markedly boost their Google rankings.

What’s new in Google Caffeine

Here is a summary of what we know about Google Caffeine and it’s effect on SEO

Page load speed will be important

The time it takes for a webpage to load is now important  to rank high on Google. Studies have shown that improving page load speed results in improved user retention and increased conversions.

Check out Google’s Site Performance diagnostic tool in their Google Webmaster Accounts. Basically, at 1tec it boils down to:

  1. Writing lean HTML and CSS code
  2. More intelligent use of JavaScript
  3. Compressing HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  4. Improve browser page caching

Fresh Content Wins

Pages with static content will drop in the search rankings and more dynamic businesses with active blogs will take their place. This update declares war on “black hat” SEO spammers and rewards webmasters that provide up to date, meaningful and original content.

Ideas to keep your site dynamic:

  1. Publish dynamic content like blog posts, comments, press releases and company news. You should try to add fresh content daily.
  2. Encourage user interaction through profiles, comments, social bookmarking and social media links.

Backlinks Rule

The Google Caffeine update will not affect off-page factors much, so quality and relevant backlinks will continue to be an important ranking factor. However,  links and references from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will be weighted higher.

There you have it. Try to take advantage of Google’s new Caffeine and update your blog regularly, improve page load speed by using Google’s Webmaster Tools to pinpoint sections that are slowing things down and employ a strong backlink strategy that targets the viral potential of social media networks.

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